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Earlier today I officially released the first version of Socialstream, a simple Laravel package that takes the scaffolding provided by Laravel Jetstream and integrates Laravel Socialite.

Jetstream is an application starter kit from the guys over at Laravel. It’s a frontend scaffold for the entire authentication layer of your application, providing registration & login, two-factor authentication, browser session management and optional team support, right out of the box. Jetstream is built on top of Laravel Fortify, a frontend agnostic authentication backend for Laravel. You can find the source code here:

Socialstream started as a PR into Jetstream that surfaced as…

If you’re like me and you prefer to have the freedom to create your applications the way you want, you’ve probably gotten a bit annoyed with the way Laravel insists on managing your directory structure for you.

I’m talking, of course, about the “app” directory. The one where everything you write for your application lives. Why should I be forced to structure my files in a way that can quickly become inefficient, unproductive and messy.

Say you want to develop an api for a mobile app, you might decide that you want to contain all your api code in a…

Postman is a fantastic tool for testing API endpoints. If you’re developing an API project or web application in Laravel, either as part of a team, or on your own, there’s no doubt that Postman is an application you’ll want in your developers tool kit.

For those that don’t know, Postman is an API Development Environment, allowing you to hit your API endpoints and test the responses from your GET, PUT, POST and DELETE (and many more) request types.

If you’re developing a Laravel application that authenticates via a bearer token, however, things can get a bit confusing. …

I recently had to endure the process of writing an SQL query that relied on the a specific SQL subquery. For those of you who are experienced with SQL, relational databases and perhaps even Laravel, this sounds straightforward, right? Well yes, but surprisingly, there’s very little guidance or documentation for inexperienced developers regarding this topic.

The problem

Let’s say we have a table called posts, where a single post can have more than one category and have a status of either active, inactive or removed.

We then have another table containing data that gets imported every 4 hours from an analytics service…

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